MSQRD added 6 new masks in Android


Facebook has pulled checkbook and bought MSQRD the short time of its resounding success, now well, this application that allows us to change the face in real-time still has a lot to improve and one of their short-term improvements is the inclusion of more masks in the application for Android.

The most curious of MSQRD is that at the root of each upgrade can appear masks new but some others also disappear, which is what most of us as odd, particularly the masks of famous characters that are going without leaving any trace. Surely belonging to a large company has caused to MSQRD copyright problems for which she has had to remove some of the masks of the application.

Anadir mascaras MSQRD Android

MSQRD has added 6 new filters in Android

Now, after several updates, that have not stopped disappear a lot of masks MSQRD has added 6 new filters to the app while on iOS the app has 33 filters in front of the 18 that we currently have on Android. It is more, at the beginning have come to disappear many filters that I’ve posed a trick to add more filters to MSQRD in Android.

The only famous one that has been in the fore has been Jimmy Kimmel and the others have disappeared, that makes MSQRD lose a little in the initial release but even so there are filters very funny and surely Facebook can afford to recover some of the licenses that have been lost. The 6 new filters MSQRD for Android are the following:

  • black-and-White hat and mustached, reminding us a lot of Charles Chaplin
  • Cap of Facebook that nothing remains to be well-embedded
  • facial Mask with kiwi on the eyes
  • Flower in the hair for girl, guys don’t feel anything good with short hair
  • Beard hipster, very cool
  • Zombie

difference with the iOS app continues to be extremely exaggerated and do not really understand why this discrimination with respect to those users of the apple bite if really the technology is the same, and in Android there is no limitation to add more masks. Now, a market masks in MSQRD is something that we will find out sooner or later. If you want the new masks you only have to download MSQRD for Android.

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