Movistar TV wants to compete with Antena 3 and Telecinco

Movistar Plus

you know how it works, the big companies are competing against each other and the operator Movistar a long time ago that it has launched the TV and spending a lot of money and training one of the most interesting options to watch TV in Spain, Movistar Plus. Movistar + will launch a new channel in January of 2016.

Movistar Plus is the offering par excellence in Spain but now has some aspirations very interesting, Movistar Plus you want to even compete against the general channels that carry the greater part of the audience of the market. Telefónica wants to grow the market of the TV and this is going to compete directly with Atresmedia (Antena 3) and Mediaset (TeleCinco) but since the pay-TV and drawing inspiration from some channels are large in other countries.

How will the new channel, Movistar Plus?

For the time being, until January 2016 we’ll have to wait to see this new channel that will compete with some of the chain’s most successful country in the open and to do this you will need to add to the grill of TV content more entertaining, pointer, fun, modern, very positive, interesting, and also young to attract your target audience.

350 million euros is the budget of the new channel of Movistar +

there is no data about the programs that will come to this new channel of Movistar+ but we know that they will try to compete from a payment method with a TV out in the open and that is a challenge. The new channel will be designed to people from 16 to 54 years although not for the lower class (who do not opt for the pay-TV). In addition to that are added all towns of more than 10000 inhabitants to reach a target advertising more extensive.

The model seems to be somewhat defined, based on the Italian TV Sky because it will inspire in models more international what leads you to think that we will see as Movistar + are international chains, which are more suited to the Spanish public. For this new channel, Movistar + features some 350 million euros budget, the capacities of Telefónica to its own productions, and some things more, you already know that Telefonica in Spain is still a company a both shielded, despite no longer having the monopoly of telephony.

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