Moto G 2016 and Moto G Plus: Prices (rumors)

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If you are interested in the Moto G 2016 we bring you good news, because there are already rumors of its price filtered through a page of German. Already I advance that these prices seem to us a bit high but interesting face to what we expected, but everything can happen, although if Moto G 2016 wants to be the king of the mid-range should be adapted a little to what users request. Discover the price of the new Moto G 2016 or 4th Gen, in addition to the Moto G Plus that it begins to sound with more force.

When will be the Moto G 2016 and Moto G Plus?

via WinFuture prices for the Moto G 4th Generation are the following, in addition to the new Moto G Plus, the other version of the mid-range with some improvements extra:

precios moto g 2016

  • Moto G 2016 with 5.5 inches, 16 GB storage and 13 MP (black color) = 238,90 euros.
  • Moto G Plus with 5.5 inches, 16 GB storage and 16 MP (white) = 277,90 euros.
  • Moto G Plus with 5.5 inches, 16 GB storage and 16 MP (black color) = 277,90 euros.
  • Moto G 2016 with 5.5 inches, 16 GB storage and 13 MP (white) = 238,90 euros.

does Only difference the camera?

we Can clearly see the two models that we will have a Moto G, a Moto G 4th Generation a Moto G Plus. Apparently, we would have available in black and white colors. On the other hand, both have 5.5-inch (which we welcome) and have at least 16 GB of storage as we see in this version. Where is the difference? In the camera, we 13 MP on the Moto G 2016 to 16 MP for the Moto G Plus.

Surprised that at only difference a priori are going to be the 13 Mp vs 16 MP. Insurance, which by the way we’re discovering new data. Can be better the sensor and the front camera. We hope that also is better the processor, and who knows if the memory RAM, since they do not appear listed on the previous screen.

leave Us with a good taste in the mouth of these two devices. We are eager to have them with us. What do you think about these prices? How interesting or high output? let’s Not forget that he’s still around to see, and yesterday confirm√°bamos that the Moto G 4th Gen will have finger sensor on the front.

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