More Latin music in Google Play Music

musica-latina-play-musicPlay Music is the music service in streaming Official Google, with more than 40 million songs, podcasts, playlists, and billion downloads on Android. Even so, today is made larger for everyone, but especially for Latin america.

In effect, Google Play Music incorporates from today, more to Latin music than ever, that is to say, there have been more songs, recommended lists, and mix gender Latino.

Latin american Music for all tastes in the Play Store

as we read in his blog official, Google has wanted to reward all users of Google Play Music of Latin american with more songs of her musical genre, specifically, speak up to 10 times the number of lists of Latin music and to the creation of a “station” exclusively Latin music.

As we read, each station has been designed song to song by a professional team where we can find DJ’s, musicians and music critics of that genre. The way, all those lovers of Latin music will be able to listen to their hits most popular in a single place.

Google Play Music suscripcion familiarin Addition, thanks to the algorithm Play Music, we will have a playlist of Latin music for every situation of the day or according to our mood. In fact, we suggest “Rock in Spanish to sweat” and that it has made me more grace, “a mix of reggaeton approved by the grandmother” to listen to during your next family gathering.

This introduction should not take too long to reach progressively in the form of a phantom update for all users of Google Play Music, so we will be vigilant from now on. If you want to give it a try, remember that you can try it for free or paying 9,99 euros per month, download them in the Play Store:

Google Play | Google Play Music (Free)

What do you think of this introduction of Latin music? Do you think that there is enough?

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