Moonshine 2.0 major update with new icons and wallpapers

Pack de iconos Moonshine

good thing about having a phone with Android is to configure it to consumer tastes and getting in this way that differs from other devices. Android has a highly customizable, almost unlimited, so you can create wonders in the wallpaper of our device.

One application that helps us to give a different touch to our mobile phone is Moonshine, a pack of icons about which I have spoken occasionally and just received a facelift thanks to version 2.0 .

In case you did not know, Moonshine is a pack of icons based on Material Design, very elegant and give it a minimalist touch to our devices. Well, the update brings great news for lovers of personalization nothing more and nothing less than 150 new icons, 10 new wallpapers, support for Muzei and compatibility with new launchers as Holo, Solo, KK, Atom or Inspire. Of course, this must be added all we had already previously available, so ultimately we will be enjoying a pack with over 900 icons and 25 wallpapers in total. A blast.

To enjoy Moonshine, we have a launcher that allows customization like Nova or any other installed, open the application and select the launcher Moonshine you have installed. All very easy!

Of course this is not here, Monshine developer promises new updates and more icons within a very short time , so if your favorite application not yet included in Moonshine, patience, which will come. And we have not yet said best of all, Moonshine is free!

Google Play | Moonshine – Icon Pack (Free)

And you do you think? Head over Moonshine 2.0 major update with new icons and wallpapers to make your mark.

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