Minecraft Pocket Edition: New trailer and information about your next update

Minecraft Pocket Edition: Nuevo tráiler e información sobre su próxima gran actualización

One of the games for mobile platforms -and computers – that the more a community has is Minecraft. With the permission of Pokémon GO, is of the games that most care about its users and dedicated to updates and new versions with some regularity. The last, for the moment, and the next update of this saga is about to come to all of our terminals.

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As we discussed our colleagues of Android Authority, the game met 5 years since its arrival to Android and to commemorate it they have decided to release an update loaded with new features that we will comment immediately. And as a bonus, a trailer of what is to come.

The major new features that will incorporate version 1.0 of Minecraft Pocket Edition are the the inclusion of worlds ice cream -and their respective fauna – and what have baptized as the World Seed Library, which would be a kind of encyclopedia where you can search and locate the materials that we needed. Of this section we still don’t have many details, so we will have to wait for further information.

have also confirmed the people of Mojang is that to make PC games and Android more alike among themselves, have decided to include the original soundtrack in the mobile version, something that more than one thank you if you’re used to playing on a computer.

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For the moment, that is all, although we don’t be surprised if the developers had saved some ace in the sleeve with which to surprise their fans. We will soon find out that the the update should reach all of our terminals this same month of December, so that we will be attentive on that day if there is any news worth mentioning.

do you Play Minecraft Pocket Edition? What do you think of this update?

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