Merry 2017 Androidphorios!

Hello friend Androidphoria. We are already in 2017, wish you happy New Year. Without you Androidphoria would not have been the same. We are very happy because 2016 has been a great year. But it is also true that we have already prepared for this 2017, it will be a year full of surprises for you.

Our writers are eager to bring you the best news, but you already know that in Androidphoria not only you are going to find news. In addition to these we’ll bring you the best tutorials, the best cheats for your favorite games and also the analysis of all these chinese mobile you like so much, as to us.

Niño feliz y sonriendo

Happy New Year 2017 Androidphorios!

it Is impossible to congratulate the New Year one-to-one and that is why the only way we thank you that you have been on our side throughout the year 2016 is to write this small article that for nothing seems to be all that you made us feel during this entire time.

we are Not to wait until the new year to bring new things, when we see that we can improve what we do at the moment. Now, the time and the internal decisions of our team have made some improvements come along this year 2017, and many are falling, improvements that will increase quality for you.

Every day, thousands of people like you resort to Androidphoria in search of help, we love to leave your comments on our articles. We also love you to tell us what you like through social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. If you haven’t you follow us you’re going to leave the links, through these networks it is much easier to learn the news before anyone else.

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we Know that the end of the year is not celebrated at the same time all the countries of the world and that is why we want you to know that I wish you of heart, you have a Happy 2017 and continue turning to us to find out all about Android.

team Androidphoria we send you a big hug. We are networking friends. If you also want to congratulate the New Year to all of your friends here you have the best New Year’s greeting for WhatsApp.

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