MediaTek introduces its Helium M70 with 5G, the competence of the Snapdragon 855

The new generation of processors for mobile with 5G is already just around the corner from being a reality. Is more, Qualcomm already presented its Snapdragon 855 a few days ago and MediaTek has returned to the charge with its Helium M70. Want to make the competition and already we’re ahead of that he paints very well.

From this article you can know all the specifications of this new SoC that has not lagged behind in connectivity 5G.

All the specifications of the MediaTek Helium M70 with 5G

The first thing that should be clear is that this chipset does not come to be the most powerful of all. We do not yet have data on its power, but everything indicates that comes to bring 5G to mobile upper-middle range with a much more reduced price than the Snapdragon 855.

This can make will remove a lot of ground to its rival and be done with the monopoly of the mobile not-so-top. At the end of the day if you want 5G yes or yes and don’t want to spend much you will have to resort to this Helium M70.

Some of its characteristics are that it is designed according to the standards of new air interface of 3GPP Rel-15 or supported bands sub 6-ohm. In normal language this tells us that have not spared to this type of connectivity and will work well in all type of operators.

MediaTek will be the one to bring 5G to the common mobile

In principle the first mobile to have it be presented the next year. For the time being we do not have any but it is only a matter of time that marks how Meizu begin sell cheap mobile connectivity, 5G included. What do you think of this new MediaTek Helium M70? Do you think that will be the next processor star in the mid-range? don’t leave without letting us your opinion in the comments section.

Source | GizChina

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