Material is updated Todoist Design, more colorful, powerful and intuitive than ever!

Todoist se actualiza a Material Design

developers Todoist just announced an upgrade to Design Material, the new style that Google presented us with Lollipop Android, and slowly gaining many applications. It is mainly a cosmetic upgrade, but there are also internal changes that will improve the user experience with Todoist, one of the best task management applications available on Android.

The Todoist update to Material Design has led to responsible work almost a year, which have been very significant changes in almost all screens app and interface, in order to include all possible advancements for Todoist works like a charm. One of the most important developments is the obvious plus in colorful application now enjoys , which even allows the user to change the subject by choosing among 10 colorful, thus replacing the typical gray background we found so far.

Todoist, easier and more powerful

As mentioned, not only is a complete visual renewal, but also have included new features to improve usability, while improving the potential . These are some of the most important:

  • Add fast with natural language recognition : Now you can write directly on the field for the task dates, tags and priorities, the application will automatically recognize
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  • A new navigation : The menu has been completely redesigned to Material Design, with the whole process of management more intuitive than ever.
  • Start and end dates : With this development, we can create tasks with start and end dates somewhat more complex than usual. For example, you can select a given period of days, and within that period, mark the days on which this task will be.
  • Create subtasks while adding tasks : With one swipe left or right, we can turn tasks into subtasks, so that we can handle the hierarchy of a much faster
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  • Add collaborators as you add projects : We may add collaborators immediate way to create the project, which until now consisted of a multi-step process.
  • screen to add enhanced task : Now an interface more comfortable and accessible when interacting with dates, priorities and labels are available full screen.
  • Slide to complete and schedule : Also swipe to the left we can schedule a task, and if we do it right, mark the task as complete.

The Todoist update to Material Design should be available in Google Play in the coming hours. The application is still free, and also maintains the version premium , which offers more features in exchange for 22.99 euros a year.

Google Play | Todoist: Task List (Free)

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