MasterCard proposes paying online with a selfie

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Ok purchases with your fingerprint is very well, and although it may seem like something futuristic is already the order of the day. But do you imagine it to confirm purchases with a selfie? makes sense, because it is your face, and might be more comfortable even than the mark on many occasions, and more secure, because a footprint can calcarse in clay, but the facial features… we tell You what is this all of the identification with selfie MasterCard.

how Identification with a selfie for purchases?

We love online shopping, but we sometimes doubt the safety of the same at the time of confirmation. Anyone could confirm them with a username and password, and the same with the famous confirmation SMS received on the smartphone. But what would happen if the confirmáramos with our face? That could arrive soon, in summer.

Identificaci├│n con selfie para comprasFrom MasterCard, are working on this technology, which would allow us to identify and confirm purchases without the need of user and password, so only the face, that is to say, a selfie. As we see in the previous photo, a selfie would be enough to confirm the purchases. Something that is quick, although not always we can do it anywhere… but it is likely we could choose a method.

however, it would be the most secure way of doing this, and that we would recommend. The procedure, we assume that it would be done from an application, as it is now, but that had shipped the camera to enter inside and do everything. Very comfortable, safe and futuristic! What more can we ask? So it would only lack a scanning facial to know if we are. The fingerprint sensor, as we already have, it could also be used.

Launch in summer

The guys of MasterCard we have confirmed at MWC 2016 that the launch is expected for summer. Among the countries concerning, is Spain. The others are united Kingdom, United States, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Canada.

Great job by these guys. We like a lot. What do you think? What convinces you?

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