Masky is already available, a game mysterious, haunting and addictive

The developer Polish of games, Melody Digital, is the creator of video games for Android Timberman, Surfingers or Risky Rescue, games that surely many of you have tried.
The company is back with a new game called Masky, to understand how it is addictive you just have to play and try it out.

juego android maskyIf you download in the game and what you experience, you will see how the technique of the game is stylized and it is really nice at the time of playing it. In this game there’s no learning curve, is direct, simple, and so we only have a single goal, keep your balance and not fall over.

the objective of The game may sound unlikely but it really is addictive even though it may not appear so to the naked eye. Taking into account the above mentioned factors, it is normal for elected winner of the prize IGJAM 2016 in the category of games for mobile. But we have not yet finished, the most surprising thing is that the game was created in just 48 hours.

masky androidWhen we enter for the first time in the application we ask you to choose a character. We’ll find out in a castle dark and gothic with a sinister music that accompanies dramatically to the scene that we will see.

At the top of the screen we will see that there is a meter balance three colors: green which will mean a good balance, yellow-that will tell us that we left with little to fall and the color red, which I guess I understand that fall to the floor and the game ends.

juego-masky goal is to go connecting characters while maintaining the balance, when we have ten characters together and dancing, the game will take us to another world.

download of the game is totally free and I will leave the link at the end of the article for that you can download. Just find a in-app purchase which costs little more than a euro, this purchase will eliminate any type of advertising that we find within the app.

are you Going to test this new game? What do you think?

Masky | Google Play (Free)

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