Marshmallow does not let you install all apps to microSD

Marshmallow no permite instalar todas las apps en microSD

When it came to Android 6.0 Marshmallow we tried to convince you of something that now does not seem to work, and that is that Marshmallow not allow you to install all apps to microSD. This functionality to install apps on the microSD card seemed to favour the users who wanted to deal in some way their applications on the basis of their free storage, but this could not be as easy as you told us this in the first place.

Marshmallow not allow you to install all apps to microSD

What is certain is that when Marshmallow landed in the market we all believed the story that we would worry about the storage, because having microSD we could to carry all the applications to memory card. However, this is not entirely so.

Solución: Almacenamiento interno insuficientethrough Settings > Storage and USB, we find the use of the storage of our smartphone organized by applications, videos, audio… and we have the option of format the microSD card as internal storage. If your smartphone does not support microSD might not seem this option in Nexus 6P does not appear.

But if we manage to do this procedure, we see that effectively heavy-duty applications such as Facebook or WhatsApp have not been moved to the microSD card, but still in the internal storage. The reason? What we do not know, and many users are angry because they see it as a hoax, us since then also. However, we can put some applications, but not all, so a little help yes, it is.

Are you of microSD?

This only affects users with smartphones that support microSD and be this type of storage. Personally, I don’t like the terminals with microSD for security, I prefer to have internal storage to spare and avoid these problems.

, And remember that if you have problems of insufficient storage, we will already have given you tricks to make you last much longer.

Takes the comments to tell us what you think about all of this. We’ve been a little disappointed, but Google always forgives all.

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