Mark favourite messages in WhatsApp

Marcar mensajes WhatsApp

WhatsApp has to keep opening gap between them and the competition, and the truth is that at the level of features are what have made it quite difficult. Telegram has a lot of new features which do nothing more that give great utility to the application, but WhatsApp has something that all these alternatives lack, a large number of users.

This time, although it seems a feature is not useful and unnecessary, it comes to WhatsApp Beta the possibility to mark messages favorites. what are the favourite messages in WhatsApp? Imagine that a friend gives you the number of your bank account, a company sends you an address or you pass a phone number by WhatsApp. Because what happens always or most of the times, is that this fact is lost among the tangle of chats, and mark it as a favorite allows us to find it fast and without major problems.

Mensajes favoritos en WhatsApp

How to mark messages favorites in WhatsApp?

By the time to get to have favourite messages in WhatsApp you need to install the beta version of the application is that we can download in the web of WhatsApp, here we explain how it is done (although I remember that we have a surefire method to install the latest version of WhatsApp).

  • Activate the unknown Sources or unknown Sources in Settings -> Security
  • Download the latest version of WhatsApp from the official website of WhatsApp, in this case, the version 2.12.338.

once you have installed this new version already enjoy the option to mark messages as favorites in WhatsApp and tagging them is as easy as following these steps:

  • click on the message that we want to mark (in the picture we can see the example).
  • at the Top we will get a menu in which we observe a star from a favorite, we click it and we will have the message marked.
  • after marking the message as is the work done, to be able to see the messages favorites so we just have to go to the main menu of chats from WhatsApp and open the menu and click on the “Starred messages” or “Messages favorites“.

once there you’ll see the messages that have been marked as read. As you can see is a very useful feature since it allows us to remember all kinds of messages of importance that we need for the future and we will not have to go looking for although it is true that we can now use the finder to locate any messages, but sometimes we don’t know or don’t remember some of the words it contains.

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