Make the LED notifications shine to the rhythm of music with Music Led Effect

Led funcionando en un terminal Huawei

Listen to music we all love, and as the phones have been becoming more and more intelligent, the multimedia section has been improving and adding many interesting choices. Today we are going to submit an application to your phone “move” to the rhythm of music, and is about Led Music Effect , an application that, if we have our smartphone I rooted will allow us to make LED notifications to the beat lights.

The application is used in a very simple way. First of all the downloaded from Google Play with the link below and we leave the install. Then ‘ll have to give permissions root -for we need to be root – so that the application can handle the led at will. Once inside the application mark the first box and choose the colors you want .

Now close the application, which will be running in the background with a minimum expenditure of battery- and open our player, we chose a song ready, we’ll see how the LED lights up to the beat. In theory it should work with all , but just in case, the author has made a list of the tested player is provided, which are: Walkman, PowerAmp, TTPod, Google Music, MixZing, Pro Player, Spotify, Rocker player, Samsung Music, HTC Music and Rhapsody.

The application does not work on all phones or all ROMs but download is free on Google Play so if we have our terminal I rooted we lose nothing by download and try. Do not hesitate to tell us what you think of the application if you work or not and how you have used the player. I beforehand I advance in my LG G3 works really well.

What do you think Led Music Effect? You like?

Google Play l Music Led Effect (Free)

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