Magikarp Jump, the new Pokemon game for Android is already available in Spain

magikarp jump juego android

Today we come with good news for all the fans of the mythical saga Pokémon. Almost a year after the release of the most famous Pokémon GO, comes to our favorite operating system a new game in the series, Magikarp Jump.

three months Ago about knew the news of the new Pokemon game, which the protagonist would be the well-known Magikarp. What do you remember? To be sure, and not precisely for being one of the best, but on the contrary, it was more bad and awkward in the game.

The new Pokémon game has as its protagonist the Magikarp

Magikarp has always been a Pokémon well known, but as we said before, was not particularly strong, just the opposite. This beast didn’t learn any attack that is worth the trouble, only sprinkled and leaping in all the time.

Perhaps that is why it has become the protagonist of this game, by all their bounds. From now on it is possible that we are something more than respect, since this is the the protagonist of the new game of the saga.

magikarp jump juego

As well indicate our fellow Android Help, the goal of this game will be take care of our fish and bring out new generations. For that the first thing you need to do is capture it, once we have it we will feed and train you.

Is more, once we get the pup we’ll have to start with the same procedure. The goal will not be to have battles against other creatures, but see what Pokémon jumps higher. And not only is there the Magikarp traditional, you will find species of different colors.

magikarp jump

The game has two modes, one single and one multiplayer. In the first, we can play ourselves minigames with the goal of getting coins to customize our fish, however, in multiplayer we will be able to see how caring our friends to their Magikarp and compete to see who jumps more.

The game is already available in Spain completely free of charge, but yeah, as has been the custom to meet shopping within the application, to be able to purchase accessories, or various objects and improve our cattle. The only requirement to enjoy this game is to have a version greater than or equal to Android 4.1.

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