Looking to buy a phone second-hand? Do not forget anything with this guide

Proceso de compra de segunda mano

Despite the fact that the expansion of chinese manufacturers is coming to a few numbers really impressive, many people still prefer a phone of a brand much more well-known. But yes, this decision used to carry an increase in the final bill quite important, a detail that may not be to the liking of all the pockets and less when we are talking about figures that are already starting to be important to a few devices with a life expectancy pretty limited.

The alternative to the that draws many people is the second-hand market, in which we can find devices of all kinds with a few markdowns which can be really interesting. But if you sometimes buy in a store already carries some risk, to make purchases in particular can pose headaches much more important than one would expect. That’s why here we want to present a few guidelines that can help us to have a transaction more secure.

Market second-hand

In this sense, the three options most noteworthy are found in the Internet forums, specialized web pages and the physical stores, second-hand. Any of the three options presents some peculiarities special, with its benefits and harms.

In the first case, HTCMania is a great leader in our country, with a volume of publications, and subsequent negotiations to be very high and that we will be able to find any of the main devices of the time. In pages of second-hand are concerned, we have some as milanuncios or segundamano, spaces in which we will also have a long list of options and among which you may also find sales carried out by professionals and not solely by individuals. Finally, the physical stores to the style cashconverters are another option that we can assess, though it is usual that the variety and the quality of the teams leave a lot to be desired. Yes, we have the benefit of being able to check in real time the state of the terminal, we add a plus of security.

carrito de compra de mediamarkt

In any case, at the time of making a purchase of this type the maxim that we must bear in mind above all is to be cautious. Find bargains can be a matter of luck, but the reality shows us that it is almost impossible to occur, and that if we see anything out of the ordinary, the more likely is it that you can give us some other problem. Thus, to investigate the origin of the phone or the seller with systems such as the votes of HTCMania, can be of great help to rely more or less on it. A good evaluation is not synonymous with total safety, but we go for good way.

What take into account with the phone?

But not only matter how we arrived at the terminal, but also we have to take into account your own state. The external condition is something that can be decisive and at the same time will help us to assess if you have received a good use, or if on the contrary it is very run over. Photos-of-state, the remaining time of warranty, possible repairs you’ve been able to have… are some of the things that we will have to ask to be able to get an idea of the real state. On the topic of photos, highlight that it is very interesting that we insist on ask that you read the nick of the user if we make the trading via the forums, because this gives greater credibility to the information.

Imagen de root en Android

And now, if we were playing on the outward appearance, also keep an eye on the inside, in the real heart of the device. Without a doubt, a phone that has always been with the software factory will have more confidence if the seller has been tinkering with with ROMs and kernels custom. No, I’m not saying that to be a bad option this type of terminal, but that we have to be vigilant and to be clear about what it is we are buying. A good starting point is to know if the device has the root fact, since details like these could invalidate the warranty of the manufacturer if we have to resort at some point to it.

How do I make the purchase?

And we come to another very important point and used to generate some doubts among users, since all that that entails unknown, and money does not seem to be a few ingredients too good to mix. Thus, a recommendation would be to be able to to perform the treatment at hand at some point with the movement of people, as it could be a bar in the centre. In this way we have the security of knowing the real state of the device, and at the same time deliver the money in a comfortable way and without too many chances of having problems.

on the contrary, If we are not going to be able to meet the seller, keep in mind that there are some “unwritten rules” in the forums in order to provide some security to transactions. So, the conditions will be the person who has the greatest amount of votes in your account, since it is understood that it is the one that offers greater reliability. Therefore, if the buyer has the least number of votes, then you have to make the first payment, while if the opposite situation, the seller would have to send first the device.

Como pagar un terminal

And as far as payments are concerned, the truth is that there is not a totally secure method, as with all are you may end up having problems. In this sense, bank transfer or deposit account may be good options, although to prevent any kind of triquiñuela, it would be interesting to not disclose the primary account number and use exclusively for these transactions. Paypal, cash on delivery, or other methods of sending money would be other possibilities that we would have at our disposal, although in any of them, there are options that we do not receive the money if we are the sellers and we found a buyer false.

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