LG makes a large investment in its sixth generation of flexible OLED panels

LG G Flex 2

The market for technology and electronics advances and progresses at a much faster pace than we all thought . Who could ever imagine a few years ago that we would have in our hands terminals with curved screens and even allow bending without damage.

Of course, the only two manufacturers strongly committed to flexible OLED panels and allowed to be implemented in all kinds of products are Samsung and LG , both with good results on mobile devices like the Samsung Galaxy S6 egde and curved panel on the sides, or the LG G Flex 2 enables bent slightly and regain their original state as usual .

Sixth generation of flexible OLED panels LG

This has only just begun, and the outstanding firm LG wants to continue developing and manufacturing flexible panels for application in its various products. Therefore, they will build a new production plant in Gyeongbuk, South Korea, which will have an initial cost of $ 908 million .

This commitment would position LG as leading manufacturer with large production of flexible panels globally in a booming market that is vital and important in the coming years.


The sixth generation of flexible OLED panels LG offer a better image quality, lower power consumption and numerous technological advances that will be used not only in smartphones, if not tablets, smartwatches or wereables, for example . And if we avert our gaze more horizons may be useful to appliances, cars, furniture, gadgets and anything we can possibly imagine .

The future is promising and know what lies ahead technologically to the end of this decade, but certainly time will be useful, and as with smartphones will be essential in the daily life of each person.

And you, Where would you apply a flexible OLED panel and is useful?

And you do you think? Drop by LG makes a large investment in its sixth generation of flexible OLED panels to make your mark.

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