LG G6 will not have curved screen OLED


¡LG G6 will not have curved screen OLED! The latest rumors claim that the company would have cancelled the plans for OLED to go back to include LCD panels in their devices. An OLED screen curved was scheduled for this next year, 2016, however, it could all have been laid back as indicated by the source.

The guys of Phone Arena have been those of us who have talked about it through the article to which we refer. LG would have other plans for this year, to truly succeed with their new touch range, because after the success of the LG G2 or G3, you do not remember something like that with the last terminals.

LG G6 will not have curved screen OLED

it Seems that this decision has been taken “out of obligation”. Since everything indicates that the provider screen LG Display can not provide a supply of OLED screen for LG G6. This would come up when you install a new production plant that is planned for 2017.

therefore, fans who want to curved screen OLED will have to wait for the LG G7. But surely manage to surprise us like with something unique of their terminals, as is the case with the modules.

What we know up to the time of the LG G6?

LG G6 we do not have too much data because there are still many months ahead. However, we know that you would have metal body and would be a top-of-range as we are used to seeing the guys from LG. Another great novelty is the following:

wireless Charging resonant

But would be system of wireless charging resonant. This wireless technology would bear load of multiple smartphones to a distance of about 2-3 cm, it would be awesome… but the same would not arrive on time nor for the LG G6.

we will Know more data to measure progress in months. The launch plans have to do with the Mobile World Congress in 2016, to February-march what we will have in the market. The price goes from 500-600 euros.

What are you waiting for the LG G6?

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