LG G5 with Snapdragon 652: All the information

lg g5 snapdragon 652

The LG G5 with Snapdragon 652 finally it’s official, and here we bring to you all the information to find out in detail. You already know that there is a version just as powerful as the LG G5 original, with the Snapdragon 820, but that you do not have to waste any because you will be able to enjoy the modules. The model of the device is the LG G5 (H840). If you want to know all of the LG G5 original, you can do so here. But, as it advances, because the changes are mainly in power.

LG G5 with Snapdragon 652, all of the specifications

lg g5 latinoamericaThese are the specifications of the another variant of LG G5, which we have known in Panama.

  • 5.3-inch Screen with resolution QuadHD.
  • Snapdragon Processor 652.
  • RAM: 3 GB.
  • 32 GB of storage.
  • rear Camera double with 16 and 8 MP.
  • removable Battery of 2,800 mAh.
  • Connectivity: USB Type-C.

This LG G5 features a display of 5.3 inches with a resolution QuadHD. In power, falls to the Snapdragon 652 1.8 GHz in place of the Snapdragon 820 to 2.15 GHz on the LG G5 original. And RAM also drops to 3 GB with respect to the 4 GB of the original device. We keep the 32 GB of internal storage, so that is not bad.

otherwise, it is practically the same thing, and we like that we have the modules because of so users in Latin america will be able, in principle, choose the version you want. Let us remember that not long ago it was confirmed that LG G5 would be out in Latin america with everything, see what happens.

A mid-range-high for Latin america

As you can see, the main difference in this model of Latin america is in power, that we spent a top-of-range high mid-range-high, which isn’t bad and it sure is more economical. By now, we have not found data on the price on the web, but we will be pending.

What we know, is that this LG G5 is official already in Latin america, Panama. Soon we’ll bring you all the information that we discovered. Don’t hesitate to take a look at the following website, there you can check everything.

What do you think of this LG G5?

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