LG G4 will soon receive a new update and these are the new

LG G4 Presentacion

LG, a manufacturer that surprise each flagship submitted with their news, for better or worse he decided to present his terminal later than the rest of their rivals, something that commonly would give some advantage development, which results in more benefits and innovations for the public time to launch.

However, with its latest LG G4 coincidentally we are sorteando- but has one of the best, if not view the best camera on a smartphone Android, he has also undergone something of sales small, many problems as detection in the touch panel, making it difficult to experience all users who own a copy.

New update on the way

Nevertheless, all this has a solution and LG is working on it. In fact, for its own territory Korea is now reaching a new update OTA that solves most of the problems facing launch.

News, corrections and changes that you enjoy are the following:

  • Optimization temperature when certain applications run in a long time
  • Improved touch panel response to errors reported
  • Added support for MirrorLink: Now you can use the terminal to display information and entertainment in the car
  • Add an icon on the screen to select recent applications that should not be closed
  • Solved the ‘smart ads’ that prevented my show signs of common devices with Bluetooth headsets or
  • The role of ‘Energy saving’ has been renewed graphically in the status bar
  • Improved screen visibility outdoors

LG G4 Update

In short, this gives users the brand LG G4 a much more stable experience before correcting several errors that suffered since its launch, although not across the board, but rather punctual .

But soon reach European territory and like to offer all the news here cited and read from PhoneArena.

And you do you think? You stop by LG G4 will soon receive a new update and this is new to make your mark.

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