LG G Flex 2 passes uns resistance tests, but what he overcome?

LG G Flex

Each time a top of the range we have a series of articles that talk about them comes … specifications, comparisons with other similar terminals, analysis … All in order to offer the most information possible about it. But there is another series of tests that show the darker side of the terminal resistance. Several YouTube channel where we can see the strangest ways to test resistance falls, water, weight … and the last victim was the LG G Flex 2.

Specifically are three videos that have been made on the terminal and each of them will be able to see different facets of this resistance. We started with the first and most basic:.! fall and dip And if you had no little to see torturing so much money, we offer in slow-motion

Well, it seems that first test we can assume exceeded after the LG G Flex 2 is still working and not present too many brands of war. Let the second, more powerful than before, and that is go through the wheel of an American SUV (for us to imagine the weight …) above. Can he handle it?

Well, it seems that could give a fair approved. Yes, the phone works, but the terminal now I have all the shattered screen. If we continue to use us as clunky pay a nice amount of discomfort. The truth is that here we could really use some program like HTC, covering us change screen for the first year completely free of charge.

And we end with the third video and probably the wildest of all three. Nothing more and nothing less than shooting with a .50 caliber bullet to the phone.

Undoubtedly free technological violence, but no less curious to see whenever with other terminals. Leaving aside things like shooting a caliber 50, the above test itself that let us know why such endure everyday terminal, which normally we do not consider that it is worth.

And you do you think? Head over LG G Flex 2 passes uns resistance tests, but do you overcome? to leave your mark.

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