Let these paid apps are free today!


The Google store or the Google Play Store is the place where are concentrated all the applications, movies, songs, books and magazines, official Android. In consequence, Google will sometimes wanders around and decides to lower a few.

Today, in effect, is a day of these, a day in which more than 6 applications usually payment become free. Then, therefore, you’ll be able to see and install every one of them.

PixUp Zooper

PixUp is an application that as its name indicates, you need the app “Zooper Widget App” and a launcher as Nova to work. It is, therefore, of a type widget of the of Zooper, one of the very cool to the style Material Design.

Google Play | PixUp Zooper (Free)

Specifically, offers us a whole series of widgets that could be designed by the same Google, with an aesthetic very flat, and that are perfect with a customization minimalist. Then we see it together with a pack of icons custom:

PixUp Zooper

Stay Zen

Stay Zen is a puzzle game in the style of “arcade” that aims to convey a kind of round up certain goals for the thousands of levels and different maps. To do this, we have our own movements towards all directions of our fingers.

Today, more specifically, it is a free version of “Ad-free”, that is to say, without ads, so that you can try and try again that level impossible without being bothered by the typical pop-up advertisements. do give Him an opportunity?

Google Play | Stay Zen (Free)

Color Gloss – Icon Pack

Not much mystery there: here we have a pack icons of beauty “glass”, that is to say, as if our icons are of glass. In addition, our icons earn a little bit more grace thanks to a kind of dim light that illumines below. o Try it!

Color Gloss Pack iconos gratis vidrio

Google Play | Color Gloss – Icon Pack (Free)


Tiles is an application customization, namely, customizing your notifications bar. Thanks to her, you’ll be able to modify to your liking these shortcuts, the square (Tiles, in English) to different settings, or even create new:

Tiles Aplicacion Personalizar Ajustes Barra notificaciones

Google Play | Tiles (Free)

Get Off Work

Get Off Work Juego Gratis

In fifth place we have a game new enough to suffer a discount of 0.99$: Get Off Work. As its name indicates, in him you are a puppet you will have to escape from work without being seen, accompanied by a few simple graphics but well found.

Google Play | Get Off Work (Free Of Charge)

Low-Light Camera

finally, NEast Studios brings us its camera app, but not one anyone but a specialist in low-light situations. His method, as we read, is to conduct a series of pictures then put them together in a single, cojiendo the best attributes of each. Today it is free, that is to say, it goes from the ci 1.09 euros!

Low-Light Camera App Gratis

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