Lenovo would be making a new flagship under the logo of Motorola


We are getting closer to the moment that we know officially the new terminals for the current year 2015 of the outstanding Motorola signature . Where there’s smoke there is fire, and in recent days we know many rumors about their new bets on the market, both in terminals as the long-awaited successor to the Motorola Moto 360.

With respect to its current flagship, the Motorola Moto X 2014, has had any interesting detail of the alleged rumor mill as two versions of different specifications of the next-inch and Moto X, a further it makes it even more interesting perhaps closer than expected .

Full involvement of Lenovo

This is, as we know Lenovo is responsible and fully owned by Motorola, as though to date both worked separately seems to be involved in a case new flagship will bring under the Motorola logo , with some interesting news that will put the bar high.

The new flagship be smarter than the rest smartphone, we do not know how or what improvements will be implemented, but some improvements would not have been used by other firms. This must take it with tweezers, it is even difficult to mention something without further details.

On the other hand, it would be around substantial improvements in their chambers , which would be much better than any other view Motorola terminals with additional focus and excellent performance in low light, which also bring interesting and new adjustments that will take pictures with higher quality.


Motorola and Lenovo?

As will everything good in both an excellent combination that will give birth to a powerful new flagship loaded with all the positive aspects of signatures, very highlighted by the results provided to the public in all terminals.

Regarding his departure would be closer than expected, and we would be talking about third quarter , which indicates that the terminal would be in an advanced stage and its announcement is imminent.

Much hype rises in people thinking about a combination of Lenovo and Motorola, can go a brilliant product very different from what seen so far.

And you do you think? Drop by Lenovo would be making a new flagship under the logo of Motorola to leave your mark.

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