Learn how to use the giant Snow globe of Clash Royale

In the Clash Royale the meta game is always changing, so the letters are put to the test every time. That’s why, today in Androidphoria we’re going to explain to you about how and where to use the giant Snow globe.

Remember that there are letters of offensive and defensive, so you must manage very well the elixir and use it at appropriate moments so as not to lose the game.

Tips that will help you to play with the giant Snow globe

The first thing you should know is that the snowball is a letter to a defensive, doesn’t do much damage but if you slow down and out of position to the enemy. In addition, you can use in any part of the map and thus to handle the game to your liking.

Now, the snowball is an excellent choice for remove of the range to the letter to the DPS (Damage Per Second). For example:

it Is normal to use the mage, Mage Electric, Goblin Lanzadardos, among others, to knock down quickly to the Hound of Lava, Pekka, Golem, or Giant. These are usually used for tanking damage from tower. The Ball of snow dislodges to the DPS and take them out of range so they can’t hurt tanks.

you can Also pass that to use these cards heavy against you. As the Ball of Snow next to cards like Minions, Mega Minion, Goblin, Gang of Goblins or Bats are an excellent option for that the damage does not reach to the tower and you can quickly drop the cards enemy.

facts you should know:

  • It takes away the half of life to the Horde of Minions, Henchmen, Arqueras and the Barrel of Barbarians.
  • makes It counter to the spirits of fire from the Pit of Lava.
  • Disturbs the Princess of the range of your tower.
  • Dislodges the Miner for it to hit the tower of the King.
  • Dislodges the Miner to do not strike the Collector of Elixir, but to the tower.
  • Stops to Ram and not be able to get to hit the tower.

Possible combinations:

  • Snow Ball + Mount Pig: ensures two blows of the Riding Pigs to the tower.
  • snowball + Goblins: destroy the Mounted Pigs.
  • snowball + Spirits of Fire: destroy the Barbarian Elite.

here we leave this video so you can easily visualize all these tips that you have just said.

Now that you updated the game and improved some of the letters, we leave it up to the 5 best decks of the Tower Tesla. In addition, we tell you what are the 10 most difficult card to get in Clash Royale.

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