Learn how to train your brain with this game for Android

If you like to test your mind, this information is for you. Today we present a fun game with which you can exercise your brain to check your mental agility. If you think you are able to be able to solve any challenge, don’t stop reading this post.

Known Lumosity, the game that will challenge your mind

Lumosity is a game created by scientists that will test all your mental capacity. This title has become one of the best games in the style of Brain Training that is available in the Store of Google. The game features more than 25 different challenges that will help you exercise your brain.

The purpose of this innovative game is to show your agility and mental capacity, and you can train her on a daily basis. Each one of the tests that you will face besides being very fun are a way to create a habit to acquire knowledge. The brain training from Lumosity includes tests to develop critical thinking, the memory and resolution of problems.

How does Lumosity?

Lumosity offers us a selection of games that are classified into different cognitive abilities. The first thing that you must do is download the app and register, and there is a gift all begins. The game offers you an initial analysis of mental ability through different tests. In these tests, which include puzzles, calculation, guide vehicles, to distinguish elements, among others.

With the free version of Lumosity only have access to some games, less than 10 to be precise. While with the version of pay you will have unlocked all of the evidence available in the game. THE cost of the app is for 11,95€ a month or 38,95€ / year. And although it may sound a high price, it would be the best option if you want to know as far as your mental capacity.

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Also you can compare your statistics and percentages with those extracted by other users. In addition, you’ll have two modes of training. The first is Group games, in which you set your habits of brain training. And the second is detailed Analysis, in which basically will be an analysis of your game. In this way you will know what are your weaknesses and your strengths.

So if you want to challenge your mind, simply follow the link below to download Lumosity.

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