Learn how to clear the cache of the apps in Android

little by Little our mobile are stored residual files that accumulate over space, or also in other cases lead to problems in the device. Clear the cache of applications, means delete all the temporary files that it maintains in an application.

When we do it, we can get rid of the errors, or to free up a little space in our storage if you so wish. Keep in mind, that you will continue to keep all of our primary data, such as accounts opened in the application, or the saved games.

What should I do to delete the cache of an application in a Android mobile?

it Is extremely simple, in less than 1 minute we can do it without problems. Just follow the following steps:

  • Go to the settings section.
  • Look for the option called storage of applications, installed applications, or application management, and select it.
  • Click on other applications.
  • Find the application that you’re going to clear the cache.
  • Now, when you choose it, we send you to a window with several options, and we will press on clear cache.

Ready, as simple as that since we have deleted the cache of the application, and can open it normally without having lost any information on it.

it should Be noted that these steps work for all Android devices, unless the device you’re using has shortcuts for the storage, or other organization in the setting. Although in the same way, it is still very easy to do if this happens.

how can Be remove all the information?

Yes, we can to restart the full application from scratch, erasing until the accounts are saved. We must choose to “erase data”, and it will remove all the information that up until now had saved. Recall that the data and the cache are two different things, not confuse.

How do I delete the cache of all the applications in a few steps?

Now, if you want to delete directly the cache of all applications at once, it is necessary to do the following:

  • Go to settings.
  • Then storage space.
  • you will Find a section called data stored in cache, and press.
  • Immediately a window will open that we will be asked for confirmation, and we accept it.

This method is mostly used when we need to more space in the storage.

Maybe you are interested to learn how to clear the cache of the apps in the Android Oreo, is a little different to previous versions, but it easy.

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