Know the Redmi AirDots the new wireless headphones from Xiaomi

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Xiaomi has announced the Redmi 7 and next to this, the new wireless headphones Redmi AirDots. The giant chinese not to surprise, as these headphones come to break the market for their spectacular price. Stay and meet the new Redmi AirDots of Xiaomi.

Redmi is the new brand of the chinese giant, so that these earplugs are different to the Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro.

These are the features of the Redmi AirDots

Xiaomi Redmi AirDots 2

These new headphones you can get it for just 15$ from 9 April, in China. With a weight of 4.1 grams per unit and a size of 62 x 40 x 27,2 mm, the Redmi AirDots shall have the following characteristics:

  • Chip Realtek 8763.
  • Bluetooth 5.0.
  • Ability to make calls bilateral.
  • 4 hours playback.
  • the Duration of the 12 hours of battery life using the cargo box.
  • May be connected up to 10 metres away.

it is Also important to highlight her autonomy, since each handset will have 40 mAh. For its part, the box charger it has about 300 mAh and takes an hour and a half to load completely.

¿What else have the Redmi AirDots?

Its physical keys perform multiple functions, for example:

  • 1 click to pause songs.
  • 2 clicks to call the voice assistant.

it is Also important to note that these headphones are paired once to the right out of the box and automatically turn off when the guards inside. In addition, Xiaomi ensures the quality of digital sound due to its noise reduction function digital DSP.

Without a doubt, the Redmi AirDots come to fight in the market of wireless headphones for your spectacular price. From Androidphoria we believe that, despite the fact that the Redmi AirDots will be available only in China on the 9th of April, it will not take long in order to buy them from Spain.