Know the 3 new challenges that will come very soon to Clash Royale

The SUPERCELL are more active than ever with a Clash Royale. This afternoon I have spoken to 4 new cards that will arrive to Clash Royale. Well, this is not the only innovation that will come to the game soon. Very soon we will know new challenges in the Clash Royale that have nothing to do with what we have known up to now in the game.

has Not spoken anything about when it will come to the game, but we believe it will be throughout this month of June, or, as much of July. Perhaps those of SUPERCELL take advantage of these challenges to launch some of the new cards.

The 3 new challenges of Clash Royale

Elixir Triple

This weekend we have enjoyed the Challenge of Elixir and Choice in the Clash Royale, in which we played from the first moment with the double elixir. Well, it seems that the SUPERCELL are preparing a new event in which we will be able to enjoy the triple elixir from the beginning of the battle. In this way, we can take advantage of to play with strong cards with a cost of elixir very high, or well to make a deck with cards of elixir very low and constantly be throwing new troops to the arena.

Challenge of an increase in

One of the events more special that very soon we will see in the Clash Royale. The elixir will increase as you pass the minutes; x1 in the first minute, x2 in the second minute, and x3 in the last. The truth is that it has very good pint.

Challenge of sudden death

The new challenge of Clash Royale that more eager to have a try. A new event that you are organizing SUPERCELL; the first player that succeeds in pulling the first tower of the opponent, you win the game. Therefore, it will not be battles of 3 minutes, but that simply will last what it takes to pull one of the towers. An event that that sure is a great challenge and for that we will need to prepare a good deck if we want to win.

What do you think of the new challenges that will arrive to Clash Royale? Do you like it?

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