Keep and Google Docs can export notes in its latest update


It’s Wednesday, and like all Google weeks is accustomed to some other application update its catalog in Google Play. This time it was the turn of Google Keep, the simple yet complete and functional application to create notes and reminders to record everything you want.

Last update released in APK format brings little new, but the main will be very useful for all who use another service called Google Docs.

New update Google Keep

Once the installation of the new version of Keep, the 3.1.313.00 us adds a button that allows us to easily export all those notes we want to Google Docs , or whatever it is thereof to Google Drive.

For those who use both applications will be very useful, because until now the only way to do that was to go by copying the entire text manually and paste in the document we want, but Hopefully this laborious method is over.

The operation is simple; select one or more notes you want to export and from the upper right corner appears the new button, which once pressed will perform the option of Copy to Google Docs . Once you finished we will have all the notes without altering the order or composition and in a new format.

Google Keep

The truth is that if you copy Docs means that although there appears Drive is within, so it would be great to be displayed even, perhaps in time we see. In addition, it not is so bad adding the same function but with Services cloud containing their own text editors, as is the case onedrive .

Without further ado, you can right now download and install the 3.1.313.00 version of Google Keep from the secure link. Or, wait your nearest automatic update from Google Play.

APKMirror | Google Keep

And you do you think? Head over to Google Keep and can export notes to Docs in its latest update to make your mark.

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