I’ve bought a new mobile and I don’t remember the Google account

Google, and all its many applications, have become part of our lives. It is nothing strange for us to handle our emails through Gmail, you should enable the same verification in two steps, which store files in Google Drive or that we keep our photos in Google Photos.

All this has been a problem, and is no other than the forgetting that Google is a service which is accessed with a user name and password. Has become an integral part of our lives and of our devices, in such a way, that sometimes it is impossible to remember the password or even the user name. One of the events most repeated is that of buying a new mobile and do not remember the Google account, and though it may be complicated, everything has a solution.

below we will show you the various options that Google suggests us to recover our user name and password, and it begins in: forgot your password?

Recovery by typing the last password

despite the fact that we were not going to lead to any particular solution, Google asks us to write the last password that we had or that we remember. Sometimes we do not remember the password that we had set, but if we have targeted a specific, maybe we can help.

yes, still no cantes victoria since Google only uses this to gather more information about you and to be able to relate in a more correct and accurate.

Use your Android-powered smartphone with

If you have a mobile device with Android operating system, everything could be more simple, and that you could use it, if at any time you set up a Google account, to retrieve the password. The device will ask us if we are trying to sign in our Google account, showing the following screen.

Recovery through SMS or call

If none of the options that we have shown until now you have been served, we still resort to the sending, by Google, a text message or making a call. In both cases we will receive a code that we introduce in the form in order to shape our identity. In the event that everything works without any problem, we should not have a problem to set a new password for our account.

Recovery using an e-mail

If the circumstances arise, difficult today, you don’t have a mobile number associated to your Google account, it will always be the possibility of to recover your account using an alternative email address. This address is the facilitaste to Google the day you created your account, something I’m sure that you did the race as almost all of the world, and it is very possible that you either don’t remember the e-mail recovery, or that you inventaras this e-mail, without thinking that some day I was going to be of vital importance.

If you completed the e recovery, use it and you will receive it in a code to confirm your identity and to be able to do this to change your access password.

Recovery with security question

Another of the options that you can use is that of to recover your account by answering the security question, that you must indicate the day that you created the account. The problem of this method is again that most of us believe this question of recovery without too much sense, so that it is virtually impossible to know the answer in a correct way.

Even with everything, you should try to see if you manage to recover your Google account in this way.

If all of the above fails

If all the methods of recovery that we have shown to fail, we could say that the situation is complicated, but so far has not become impossible.

we Still have the option of to use another e-mail, with which Google can identify in a safe manner. Since we anticipate that this method is the most complicated of all since it is very out of the radar of the giant search engine.

In the case of this method nor result, you will not be another remedy more than give up for lost the account and put hands to work to create a new, with all that this implies.

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