It’s over the wait! You can already download Brawl Stars from the Play Store

The wait has been long but finally has come. The company Supercell had announced last year that they were working on a new project called Brawl Stars. With the running of the time could know that this was a game that promised and much, perhaps it was as well that their release in countries like Hong Kong and Canada was a success.

a few weeks Ago, the developer reported that the title was going to be all mobile in the month of December, and finally kept their word. As from today you can download Brawl Stars for Android free of charge.

what is Brawl Stars?

The new game of Supercell leaves behind the famous system of letters and the goal of eliminating the tower of the king, so popular is made in the Clash Royale. In this title are offered battles of 3 vs 3 where the player can make use of one of the 15 characters that are available in the game. If you want to know more here is a guide of the title, as we have been for months playing it.

15 characters eligible to play the game are brawlers, and as it comes being usual in the titles developer Supercell, each one of them has special abilities. These skills can be combined with the rest of the characters that are on the computer. In a nutshell, the goal is to eliminate the enemy team using those skills to be able to get the victory, or other things, depending on the game mode.


Yes, the fun in Brawl Stars is practically assured. And is that the game stands out through its various modes in games of 3 on 3. The modes that can be accessed by players are the following:

  • Ball Brawl
  • Atraco
  • Cazarrecompensas
  • Supervivencia
  • Atrapagemas

Además, the title will receive new content in the future, as well as new special events are very fun. Some of the special events that are coming in the next few months are these:

  • All against one: 6 players must face an enemy too powerful to defeat
  • Fight robotics: co-op mode where 6 players have to defend a safe from the attack of evil robots.

But what stands out the most in Brawl Stars is that the players themselves are the ones who can create content. The game offers a mode of “creation” where the community will be able to create their own maps so that other players can use them in the various modes of games mentioned above.

And last, but not least, it is necessary to emphasize that although the game is free, within the same you can use real money to buy certain items. The purchased items will serve to improve the skills of the 15 available characters to play.

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