It’s free to download all wallpapers from Android Jelly Bean Nougat!

jelly-beanAndroid takes many years between us. Although since its launch has had many dates of note, one that marked a before and an after that is the July 24, 2012. During the event “Breakfast with Sundar Pichai”, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean saw the light for the first time, and from there everything has been to improve, improve and improve. Much has happened since then, and we are already in the version 7.0. And what is all this? So in today’s article we are going to carry the whole history of Android your smartphones with a good batch of wallpapers.

As you already know, each new version of Android comes with a series of wallpapers that fit perfectly with the design lines that Google is creating. Today I want to lend a hand to you to remember the old times, and that’s why we leave you a collection with all the wallpapers that have been on Android since the release of Jelly Bean until the day of today Android Nougat.

how And why to Jelly Bean and not further away? The explanation is very simple: find the wallpapers is not easy, and worst of all is that the wallpapers above to Jelly Bean had very little resolution. It is clear that if you have a phone with a high resolution –and when I say high is 1080p, or 2K– surely a wallpaper of Jelly Bean look a bit blurry, but that does not mean that us a curious feeling of nostalgia.

fondos-de-pantalla-jelly-bean-nougatThe wallpapers are hosted in Google Photos, so that you will be able to choose between download all or download any time. Of course what you can do for free, so do not doubt for a moment and give your smartphone that vintage touch that I had your old phone. you Have the link at the end of the article.

What are your funds of screen favorites?

Google Photos l wallpapers from Jelly Bean Nougat (Free)

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