It is very easy to migrate from the iPhone to the Galaxy S8. Discover how to!

Samsung is aware that you have a gold mine on their hands with the Galaxy S8. Is probably the phone’s most successful year, and it seems that it will remain so until the end of the year. And in addition, they throw in new colors to attract more users. As you know that it is a great device, the Korean company does not hide that you want the users to buy.

But not only make promotion among Android users. Also looking for to attract users of the iPhone. And they do, showing what really easy it is to migrate from iPhone to Galaxy S8. In such a way that you don’t have excuses not to buy the new flagship of the hyundai brand. We will explain to you more about how to migrate from iPhone to Galaxy S8 below.

Migrate with Samsung Smart Switch

Samsung what has all very well thought out to make the process as simple and comfortable as possible for the users. And what have been achieved thanks to a tool that can certainly change the situation much. It is Samsung Smart Switch, thanks to which it is very easy to be able to migrate from any phone to a Galaxy S8 and other Galaxy devices. No matter whether a Windows Phone or a iPhone. It is very simple.

Thanks to Samsung Smart Switch you can to transfer all the data necessary of your iPhone to the Galaxy S8. You can choose from various transfer modes, all of them very comfortable. You can use the WiFi with the app Samsung Smart Switch, which is comfortable and does not take too much. You can also connect both devices with a USB, or you can use the software Samsung Smart Switch on the computer. When the two devices are connected you will have the option to choose what information you want to transfer. Can be your contacts, photos, music, videos or even applications.

it Is a system that definitely makes the process very easy. There are no longer excuses for not migrate from an iPhone to the Galaxy S8. Thanks to Samsung Smart Swtich it is more convenient and easier than ever. To know more about the workings of this system, we leave you with the link to the Samsung support, where you can find many more details. Just click here. What do you think of Samsung Smart Switch?

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