It ended up the lies! WhatsApp will tell you to your contacts where you are in real time

WhatsApp is the messaging service leader, there’s no doubt, but now you want to go further with a feature that has not liked anything to users. Basically, it comes to say that WhatsApp to tell your contacts where you are in real-time. This really is very dangerous, because no one needs to know from where we find ourselves all the time.

By now we know, that this is already part of a new beta of WhatsApp, which will arrive in groups and you can turn it off if you don’t want to show, and I don’t know about you, but I think that doesn’t make any sense.

Privacidad WhatsApp

WhatsApp share location of the members of the groups in real-time

We were amazed when we learned of the news by the guys of Engadget. It seems that WhatsApp is testing this functionality in the new beta of iOS and Android. But what is it exactly? As we already mentioned, WhatsApp to inform your contacts of your exact location in real-time.

What we know for now is that this functionality will only be enabled in the groups (so that you should not have to worry about the chats and individual).

But we also know that you’ll be able to disable this function. But it is possible that if you deactivate, you also do not know the exact location of the other members of the group. But surely that does not interest you, since WhatsApp here has gone a bit. One thing is to be honest and another thing to walk by reporting where we are at all times. Because if something happens, of course that is vital, but is otherwise assaulting the privacy of the person.

This feature makes sense in the groups with the order de know where you are all friends and be able to get together before (at least I think so), but still a great assault on the intimacy, I insist. But you’re going to be able to remove it, especially if you are going to be only available in groups.

The beta will be available soon, but be careful, this option could come by default

But be careful with the updates, because it is possible that this option comes enabled by default... walks with the eye these days, because if you’re in the program betas you could be sharing your location and you without knowing it. We will keep you informed of any novelty that we have about it.

What do you think of this that you have? Do you see well?

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