Is this the appearance of the Google Nexus manufactured by Huawei?

Huawei Nexus

We are facing an unprecedented event; making a Google Nexus Huawei device. With the first rumors perhaps many of us did not believe it, but rumor after rumor we got to know the details that gradually practically confirmed its existence . We refer, for example, the top-end specifications of the terminal in question, along with a video that allegedly showed a design that could be official. However, this design can deny and believe us the new that has appeared, as it contains the two logos and Nexus Huawei , is it official?

filtering the physical aspect of Google Nexus Huawei

No less than three images to start speculating about its existence and final design. In the snapshots, we can see how supposedly meets some leaked details as the front speakers, the metallic finish around his body, the fingerprint reader on the back and enormous size , among others.

On the front sports a bezels quite thin although they have not been reduced at the top and bottom, but meet similar to typical devices of Huawei aspect, albeit with a different air being a Google Nexus.

One detail that is worth mentioning is the appearance on the back of the terminal, which although nice with this metallic look, as consumer Android devices does not seem right that no black piece on top to hold the camera, flash and maybe one sensor can contain more than . On the contrary with the front, seems very nice, clean, no logos or anything at all and with great added as the front speakers.

Of course, in the back does not appear even an actual Android smartphone and will go on sale as it is in these images . On the contrary to the other terminal of the family, the Google Nexus yes manufactured by LG sports a nice look and a more common design today.

Huawei Google Nexus
Huawei Google Nexus
Huawei Google Nexus

And you, as a user of Android, Would you buy this course Google Nexus Huawei with that appearance, mainly from the rear?

And you do you think? Head over Is this the appearance of Google Nexus manufactured by Huawei? to leave your mark.

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