Is the explosion of a mobile phone, you can pull the wall of a house?

Batería de un móvil explota y tira una pared

a few months Ago I have spoken of a case a bit strange, the battery of a mobile phone exploding in Cartagena and threw the wall of a house but… is it possible that a simple battery 3.7 V can pull the wall of a house?

The truth is that at the time there was not much information about the case, and we could not know more of it but more days it takes for Antena 3 news came to the scene to verify that indeed the deceased had not only been the battery, but a homemade device manufactured by one of the inhabitants of the dwelling.

What has happened to a charger throw himself down the wall of the house down?

Obviously we’ve seen chargers of mobile phones that have exploded batteries but without handle is impossible the battery of a simple mobile pull the wall of a house down and less using original products.

This time the charger home, made by the individual, has made inflamasen products of the living, causing the collapse of two walls, the window, which was a little further away, has also jumped in the air. Yes, in terms of personal injury there was nothing to regret.

do Not manufacture homemade devices without supervision, in your home and less away from possible flammable products that may be on it. It has been a recklessness that has been able to finish a lot worse in case you are someone close at the time of the explosion.

to Manufacture devices home without supervision is dangerous

In the home were 3 people, a father, a mother and her offspring, the woman has had to be serviced by an anxiety attack but there has been nothing serious. This situation shows us what dangerous it is to make homemade devices.

the residents of The neighborhood have been scared to death with the explosion but no, it is not possible to do such a rampage with the battery number of a mobile phone. Obviously the explosion has required at the time of the fire and health services, but we don’t know who has paid finally all the shredding. what Will be the parent responsible to pay all the damages for having manufactured a product home without supervision or control of any kind?

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