Is recorded the first official case of addiction to Netflix

Surely many times you have heard about addiction to drugs, gambling, even sex. But have you ever heard of a person addicted to TV streaming? Probably not. A serious case of addiction to Netflix was released over the past few days. In this post we tell you more.

the power of the TV in streaming

The video on demand platforms (VOD, for its acronym in English) are taking every time more importance. And is that every week we can see the new releases of the new content. Netflix, for example, gets to throw 2 or 3 important series in the same day. That’s not counting their original film or, very trendy, documentary of several chapters. This has made Netflix a the main platform VOD of the world.

And even though this kind of TV offers us an endless array of options and innovations, it can also cause a heavy use on the part of the people who use it. Everything in excess is bad and this can’t be the exception. Even if it is something new and a bit far-fetched, this can generate an addiction. An addiction that can be just as harmful than the others that we know.

First official case of addiction to Netflix

¡Yes! Officially registered the first official case of addiction to Netflix. This case was recorded in India, and is about a young man of 26 years was not able to come off of the TV. His addiction led him to stop eating, sleeping, interacting with people, and even losing their jobs. This news has been around the world opening a discussion on the use and abuse of this platform.

According to local media, one of his relatives explains that “when reprochamos, he increased the time spent in front of the tv”. This led to that the young out-boarding school to treat your disorder. He is currently detained at the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences in Begaluru in India. Specifically in the Clinical Service for the safe Use of the Technology. Experts agree that the man found on Netflix as an escape from the reality. As a result, the patient develops fatigue, sleep disturbances in addition to have developed an anxiety disorder.

So that you should be giving it a second thought before spending too many hours in front of the screen.

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