Is filtered a Xiaomi flexible!… and we love it!


it Seems that the mobile flexible will arrive sooner or later because we can always find concepts. It takes time saying that Samsung would launch a mobile with flexible screen (it is now the turn of Xiaomi). Is Xiaomi the last company that has been linked with terminals with flexible screens. What we have been able to see in the video, it seems very real and not waste any (by way of concept futuristic). It is said that in 3 years we will carry the mobile above, in the wrist, is a step closer to that since then.

mobile flexible seem very interesting and little prone to breaking (unlike now). What we don’t know is if we acostumbraremos to this innovation so strange. The leaked video we love it, because it seems very convenient to use… as well as play Clash Royale from the phone itself, if you see the video that has been leaked you will know why I say this.


Is filtered a Xiaomi flexible real

By what you see in the video, we have a Xiaomi flexible that it is real. The video that you can see in this link toward the end has no waste whatsoever. We can see in only 30 seconds, a device with the latest version of MIUI 8. We see that the screen can be used in a manner that is totally normal and comfortable. It’s very flat and works just as bent. It is a pass.

Xiaomi Mi Note 2, the first with a flexible screen?

it Is said that a future Xiaomi Mi Note 2 could wear this flexible display. We don’t know by now, it could be another rumor more. What is clear is that the flexible screens, a priori, are more resistant to knocks and scratches. Just as we must not trust 100%, but everything indicates it will, they seem very comfortable.

When filter finally, the design of the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 yes we will be very aware of everything that happens, because who knows if you confirm the flexible display, something that would be a no go for these terminals. Could get soon as this new concept of mobile flexible.

it Looks very comfortable to play Clash Royale!

What do you think of this flexible terminal of Xiaomi?

The post Is filtered a Xiaomi flexible!… and we love it!

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