Install Firefox OS 2.5 Developer Preview on any Android

Firefox OS en Android

Firefox OS is the alternative to Android Mozilla but it seems to be that by far that we have been listening to talk about Firefox OS, the alternative is not possible to catch a market share high.

Install Firefox OS on Android is possible and that will allow you to explore the benefits of alternative Mozilla in any Android mobile. Obviously we’re not going to install a ROM of Firefox OS (although it can be) but that we will change the launcher for the Firefox OS, though much more complete than in the most of launchers installed.

Firefox OS 2.5

Firefox OS in Android, how does it work?

The launcher of the Firefox OS is not a launcher more. This .APK which occupies some 144 MB installed (about 90 MB download) brings a launcher full, it changes the dialer, it brings the application of messages, emails, settings, etc All integrated in the own .APK.

What is there in the 2.5 version of Firefox OS?

  • add-Ons – like add-ins to desktop in Firefox OS, we can also install a lot of add-ons that will give us a lot of extra features.
  • private Browsing with tracking protection – One of the new privacy features of Firefox that allows us to control when we track our behavior on the web site that we are visiting.
  • Pin of the web – Removes the artificial distinction between apps and websites that allows us to copy things and share them with the native interface of the system easy way for a later use, is really useful.

Mozilla says to use really good solutions for the Android user don’t feel too bad. The problem is that the navigation buttons are going to put on top of the user interface and the capacitive buttons of the mobile phone will not function properly or that is what we have appreciated in the test. Now the back button does not work and only used the Home button that is the only one that uses Firefox OS.

To install the launcher of Firefox it is only necessary to download the .APK from this link and then install it from Sources, or unknown Sources. If you like you can always use the ROM official to change the system because with this .APK’re not going to get a perfect performance but yes decent if you don’t have a terminal very mediocre. To activate it you just have to change the launcher by default to Firefox OS, will take a while to load unlike other but it’s going to completely change the system, the coating is applied very well.

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