Instagram presents “Boomerang”

Boomerang For Instagram
The greatest app of photographs of both Android and iOS, Instagram, which recently turned 5 years old, has today announced a new application called “Boomerang”, that allows you to create videos without an end, as a kind of GIF, of people or objects in motion.

Rewind forward and back with Boomerang for Instagram

Boomerang is an application developed by the company of Instagram, but that going to be part of Instagram. Boomerang takes a series of pictures in a fraction of a second and the board all a small video, then the application played back-to-front and back, hence the term “Boomerang”.

Boomerang Icono Instagram

These videos are especially good if you record something in motion, such as someone jumping into a swimming pool, because we will see our friend as he falls into the water and as “leaves” of the water and falls on the floor, when the video plays back-to-back. After recording the video, Boomerang will give you the option to share on Instagram, Facebook (which bought Instagram in 2012) or the button for other options, which will allow share it in other applications. Automatically the videos are saved in the folder “Instagram” of our terminal

Although Boomerang is an app from Instagram, do not have an account Instagram or Facebook to use it, once installed, you are ready to record videos and view them in your gallery. These videos Boomerang don’t record the sound of time, and can be recorded by the rear camera as the front camera.

Boomerang if but Hyperlapse is not

Recently Instagram also launched a new app called “Hyperlapse” which allowed you to play a video on camera super fast. We are used to see these videos in action highly durable, as in long journeys, or a landscape camera fast.

Well, Instagram decided that “Hyperlapse” only would be available, at the moment, for iOS, but before you have released “Boomerang” for both applications, so it is likely that Android users will leave us without “Hyperlapse”.

how do you like Boomerang for Instagram? Do you think Instagram is an app with favoritism to Apple?

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