In Pokémon GO 0.57.2 already can capture 80 new Pokémon

Pokemon GO, imagen destacada

just a couple of days we were talking about that Pokémon GO was preparing to receive a large update that would include in the game 80 new creatures, between new Pokémon and evolutions that were not integrated previously. Well, thanks to the latest version available in Google Play as we can get with all of them.

But not only is there the new version. Also includes other features, such as an improvement in the interface at the time of capturing Pokémon (as it will be easier to choose what type of Pokéball and soft to use), and a greater number of garments of clothing with which to customize our avatar. Yes, unfortunately, to access this new collection spring-summer we will go through box, something that will not appeal to a large part of the users.

finally, have been added to Pokémon of different genders, perhaps to be able to raise them in the near future, as could already do in the games console traditional. These gender differences are slightly noticeable visually, so if you are a observers may pose a small challenge.


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it Seems that the people of Niantic has been put batteries in the last few weeks, after a period of apparent inactivity. In addition to confirming this news, we have known that the fighting between coaches and the trading of Pokémon are closer than ever and that this same weekend there will be special events in shopping centres in particular.

Does well the people of Niantic in returning to work intense, that the the game has lost a large number of players in recent times (as expected) and their place among the 10 games most profitable of the moment begins to threaten dangerously.

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