If the first concept you liked Nintendo smartphone with this is you drool

Nintendo smartphone concepto

Many of you certainly remember that concept smartphone Nintendo called Nintendo Smart Boy, getting us out one crybaby to the more nostalgic. It was based on the legendary Game Boy, the first handheld console Nintendo, which marked a before and after in the way of enjoying the game concept.

Well, today we learned a new concept of “Nintendo smartphone” , named WiiPhone , and I anticipate that if the above will love the new can make you feel a real crush. Germans work CURVED / labs, it is a terminal screen 4.5 inches and 64 GB of internal storage , running Android Lollipop. It also has chambers 8 and 5 megapixels, 4G LTE, NFC and GPS, and its design seems to have caught borrowed ideas from some other model of HTC.

But logically, only those features would not be a true smartphone Nintendo. The good starts when sliding, it discovers a gamepad hidden in the back of the device , similar to the control of the Nintendo Entertainment System, better known as NES. Thus, the A and B buttons are on one side and toward the other spreader. Another very interesting feature is that even has a used cartridge slot of the Nintendo DS . But nothing better than a video to see with great detail to this WiiPhone:

Will we someday a smartphone from Nintendo?

From the official confirmation that Nintendo adentrarĂ­a in the Android universe thanks to video games, and with the help of DeNA, rumors about a possible smartphone Japanese company making use of the operating system Google are soaring. Obviously, there is no truth in them, but the truth is that the very idea that Nintendo would create a terminal Android makes the imagination of many is triggered rumors like themselves.

And this is how such concepts arise, that basically keep hoping that maybe, someday, Nintendo itself dares to create a smart phone with Android . Dreaming is free, but if there is any business today that can do whatever they want, that’s Nintendo.

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  • If the first concept you liked Nintendo smartphone with this is you drool
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