If rooteas your mobile you don’t lose the warranty

Today we want to talk to you about a topic that is of concern to users, because if rooteas your mobile phone does not lose warranty. It is clear that the be the root a few years ago it was more fashionable than now, that every time there are more users who spend of rooting their devices. However, we want to tell you, or rather, to disprove this false myth so don’t go thinking that by rooting your mobile you will lose the warranty of your phone.

Many users have doubts on the time in which it is questioned if you get permissions of super user or root is safe or good for the mobile because if you lose the warranty. But this is not what we say even, but that is the Free Software Foundation Europe, who says that rooting the phone does not lose guarantees.

Root Android

If rooteas your mobile phone does not lose warranty

why are there those who say that to the root you lose the warranty? Because the fact of opening the bootloader (which is necessary for rooting a mobile phone) if you return it to your manufacturer (for any problem) unlocked, it loses the warranty. But what you may not know, is that if you open the bootloader for rooting, you can re-close it then, so you won’t lose the warranty.

So you don’t have to worry, because you’ll be able to close the door so that the manufacturer does not realize that you have entered within the system.

usually, all the phones have 2 years warranty and during that time you will be covered similarly, except that the confused brown for some other reason.

If rooting that I have to do to put the mobile in good condition and does not know that I have rooted?

you’ll have to put it how it was before the rootearas. With the bootloader locked and the ROM that was, without any changes to software. This you have to do it, because if the mobile have a problem like you, to throw you at fault if the delivery is rooted.

But do not worry, because if you have bought the terminal in europe, you are covered by some warranties. That is to say, you going to cover the warranty even if you’ve rooted or flashed your phone.

So, gone are the doubts, you have nothing to lose by trying, but always do it with care and knowing well what you do so that you do not run out of mobile ?

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