Huge discounts on smartphones and tablets, you!

Plano general del Meizu M2 Note

Today we bring you some of the best deals we’ve seen so far in smartphones and tablets . Igogo, the import store, is 6 years old, and of course, is to celebrate! But not a celebration either, but a loaded with big discounts , is that we buy smartphones and tablets for half the usual price and even even better discounts.

For example, we can get a great Meizu M2 Note for just 131 euros , or Xiaomi Redmi 2 Pro for only 110 euros. As for tablets, we can find models of 10 inches and 4 cores from 50 euros, and we have wearables , such as watches or bracelets activity from just 15 euros. In addition, many of these products have Free Shipping .

The website promotion you can see all these offers, and buy what you wish. There is also other devices not as related to Android as the popular “cuadric├│pteros” RC ├║ltimammente that are so fashionable, also very tempting prices.

Uso del Xiaomi Redmi 2

And to top it all, they also give us the opportunity to get smartphones and tablets for only 10 or 20 euros . For example, a DOOGEE Y100 Pro for only 20 euros, when the usual price is 127 euros, or tablet Cube Remix I7 with OS, the regular price is about 300 euros, also 10 euros. Of course, these discounts, which they call “crazy prices”, available only to the first two units of each product , and at 11 o’clock in the morning every day, so you have to be quick!

So now you know. If you want to get a variety of devices with great discounts, this is your chance. Is the best time to present you with that tablet you had planned to buy, or that smartphone economic than ever you decide to purchase. These offers are valid until tomorrow, August 15, so we’re still in time!

Igogo | Promotion sixth anniversary

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