Huawei wants to end the root and the developers don’t like this

for a time he knew the intentions of Huawei for giving an end to the rooting on their mobile phones. Obviously, this causes great discontent in the developer community. The matter is that the chinese company does not intend to give back you to your goal. Huawei wants to end the root and it will be doing with its most recent mobile.

Although Huawei argues that ending with the root is what is best for the security and stability of their terminals, this move would hurt the community that there is in Android. However, it seems that I just need to wait for this measure to be carried out.

Huawei seeks to break with the root, and the community erupts

developers lost no time in making their comments with the intention of Huawei for giving an ending to the root. The tweet above was written by John Wu, one of the developers of Magisk. If you didn’t know, Magisk is the application necessary for rooting any device that have Android as their operating system.

As you see, John Wu goes against Huawei, saying that will ignore your existence.An attitude of violent, but it is warranted that type of action taking into account the damage done to the community.

it is no secret that the ROMs of Huawei are heavy and that many user root in order to delete applications that you don’t need. To avoid this possibility, means a blow to thousands of people around the world.

If the decision of Huawei is radical but is justified in saying that so will preserve the safety of your devices. If you were thinking of buying a Huawei, since you have to take into account that sooner or later they will end up modifications external to these devices.

And you, what do you think about this decision of the decision of Huawei?

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