Huawei Honor 4X receive finally Android Lollipop and Emui 3.1

Plano frontal del Honor 4X
In the past Mobile World Congress 2015, Huawei announced its new terminal mid-range; the Honor 4X. This terminal is considered the brother of the Honor 6 Plus, and not stressed by anything in particular. This smartphone surprised to evil in his storage, 8 GB (expandable with microSD), but on the other hand, it has 3000 mAh battery and Sony camera of 13 megapixel.

This terminal came with a price of 198 euros, with a version of Android 4.4 KitKat, so that neither now nor at that time was a terminal “revolucionador”, but a smartphone of mid-range. Even so, it did not disappoint in bandages, especially in India. You can take a look at our review to see all of your information:

Honor 4X gets Android Lollipop 6 months later

Finally, the chinese firm published the past day, November 5, through a tweet that the users of the Honor 4X could update now to Android 5.0 Lollipop next to their personalization layer Emui 3.1. The most striking change certainly is but the of the new version of Android, because of Emui 3.0 to Emui 3.1 there is not a change as big as the Android 4.4 KitKat to 5.0 Lollipop.

on the one hand this new version of the operating system implies that Huawei has not abandoned this terminal, even though it has taken more than one more good and “important” than this. In the second place Lollipop without a doubt provides a new air to this and to any terminal. At best, the Honor 4X will not bring anything different or separated from all other terminals, but to my taste I think it was and is a smartphone capable of “staying in line” with future Android updates.

Plano frontal del Honor 4X

on the other hand, users have reported that to his Honor 4X is out of battery sooner than normal. In almost 80% of the terminals that comes the upgrade to Lollipop the battery will decrease a little, and it is normal. The Honor 4X was designed for Android 4.4 KitKat, and although it is able to go fluid with Lollipop, it is normal that the battery suffers more than normal.

Emui 3.1

As already discussed in previous posts, Emotion UI had more “cons” than “pro’s”. We’re not talking about if it is ugly or not, if not that Emui 3.1 has not taken the step to Material Design, has not been adapted to run along to Lollipop.

Even so, Emotion 3.1 contains features that they would like to have other firms; as the “Smart Screenshot“, a kind of editor screenshots, “Lazy Mode“, which allows access to sections of the mobile and others more comfortable, or an administrator of your device, which allows you to remove junk files, free up RAM, etc


In summary, these two updates are a very good news, on the one hand because it means that Huawei has not abandoned this terminal, and on the other hand, the Honor 4X has been shown to be able to fit to a new version of Android while still being a terminal range average-low.

What do you think about your Honor 4X with Lollipop?

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