Huawei already has lists the batteries of the future

We take time listening to the graphene will cause the batteries to us to last a lot more than now. So Huawei, it seems that it lists the batteries of the future thanks to graphene. It is clear that if one of the improvements we seek to the users on smartphones is that the battery lasts more time. Sometimes the size of the display, the processor or the camera will go to a second level if we compare it to the battery (which is what usually we complain day in and day out).

This problem would be particularly to Huawei. Are preparing new batteries able to withstand up to 60 degrees celsius of heat. This makes double their useful life. new battery for Huawei mobile last 2 days.

The batteries of the future of Huawei in graphene

These new batteries in the working Huawei are aiming to be a real past, because you should not be charging the phone daily, but every 2 days without any problem.

secret ingredient is the graphene to build these lithium-ion batteries. Huawei have already managed to their successful implementation for the mobile devices. This material is all advantages, because it also would protect us against the problems of overheating. There are many terminals that are heated much more than the account (not to mention those who exploit). Is it possible for us to get rid of all these misfortunes.

The graphene no longer be an option, it is a reality

What is clear, is that this innovation has come to stay. All the manufacturers will start to bet for the graphene insurance, because it is the the future of batteries for mobile. And not only for mobile devices, because it is speech that would also be implemented in electric cars.

A better fast load

we have Also discovered that they may load the 48% of the battery (average of 3,000 mAh) in 5 minutes. Enhancing and improving the quick charging as we know it today. Thanks to graphene.

What is normal for you to ask yourself now is when will this and when you’ll be able to buy this terminal. For the time being that nothing has been said… but Huawei could show at the end of December 2016 a terminal that can perform the quick load that you mentioned above (we’ll see).

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