HTC still without lifting his head and lay off 15% of its workforce

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While some companies like Samsung present their latest top of the range with those who want to conquer the market -Samsung Galaxy Note Samsung Galaxy 5 S6 edge + -, others like HTC continue to drift , not knowing very well how to recover and bad news for his fans.

The one who was once one of the most important brands for the operating system of Google, fails to find the key to success . Its devices, despite being generally quite accurate and with good design, fail to attract customers, and we do not know if it’s the high prices of these serious errors or have some problems We talked heating HTC One M9 -.

Whatever the reason is, the numbers of Taiwanese away from the desired, and to this unfortunate situation, the heads of HTC were only a drastic solution has occurred, lay off 15% of its workforce . As we read in the newspaper Expansion, this reduction translates Export Team cast out about 2,250 employees total 15,000 . All in order to achieve a reorganization plan that will solve the crisis.

With all these layoffs, Taiwanese company expects to reduce its costs by 35% and thus, achieve significant and profitable growth with a more agile, lightweight operating model. According to the president and CEO of HTC, Mrs. Cher Wang, “the company needs a dynamic organization to take advantage of the new markets that will address following diversify their production beyond smartphones.”


“This strategic realignment of our business will ensure that each product group has the right concentration, the right resources and the right experience to prevail in the new markets,” added Wang.

Regarding the situation in the Taiwan stock market, HTC shares fell 7.82%, its lowest level ever, NT $ 50.7 (US $ 1.52) on Thursday. The situation does not bode at all well for HTC and although collective redundancies are never tasteful dish, hopefully serve for the firm to take flight again.

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