HTC One A9S: HTC makes a HTC One A9 and worse

HTC One A9s

HTC neither is, nor what will be. The truth is that I can not avoid to be critical with the latest launch of HTC, and is that the HTC One A9s is a true failure. It is true, we still do not know its price, but the launch of this new A9s with worst features as the model of 2015 no one understands.

HTC seems to not want to finish booting and it is certain that after the launch of a terminal that has not sold what they expected, a HTC 10, high-quality, launches a renovation that no one will understand, a HTC One A9s worse than the A9 original. The only sense that cobra this remodeling is to lower the price of the brutal way.

HTC One A9s Lanzamiento

HTC One A9s: The new iPhone of HTC

we can Not define it otherwise, HTC has returned to release a new iPhone and has been involved in brown. do you Want publicity even if it is negative? The HTC phone is made in quality materials but the design is nailed to the iPhone.

HTC has taken the camera to the top left, has softened the edges and has an approximate design of the iPhone 6/6S. Turn the hardware has mutated for the worse and is that nobody understands this renewal:

  • has been changed to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 by Helium P10 MediaTek, cheaper but perhaps with a lower performance.
  • 2 or 3 GB of RAM and between 16 and 32 GB of storage.
  • has been deleted the FullHD resolution of the panel of 5 inches to mount a panel, HD (1,280 x 720 pixels), which will give a greater autonomy, but that will reduce the quality of the screen noticeably.
  • The camera of 13 MP and 5 MP in the RAW format are more or less the same thing, only better in 1 MP front-facing camera.
  • will Come with Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of the box, and a battery of 2300 mAh which does extend the thickness of the phone up to 7.9 millimeters.

The truth is that no one understands, to compete in the mid range you need a price that is very tight and a high-end hardware is not a hardware basic range. Yes it is true that its design is of good quality and their materials too but no one understands him, it was almost better to drop the price of the previous launch a renewal more humble specifications with a s that should indicate higher quality.

it Only remains for us to see the price, but we have already mentioned that HTC is lost. can Someone find a sense to this movement?

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