HTC hopes that the HTC One A9 to sell enough to save them

HTC One A9 destacada

HTC, like many other manufacturers, Android has had problems getting benefits in recent years. HTC has tried to give a twist to your company and have had positive results during the past few quarters –for example, their numbers for April were very good–, but during the third quarter of this year suffered a major loss of more than 4,500 billion taiwanese dollars, which translates into nearly 126 million euros.

And however, hope that with the newly introduced HTC One A9 the huge benefits start to come through the door. As reported responsible for the company’s taiwanese, the company has seen high numbers in the reserves for the HTC One A9, which is already available in some markets and will continue developing these months of November and December. The company expects the trend to continue the rest of the quarter, and although they are looking to improve the sales numbers, according to reports from Android Headlines is unlikely to achieve benefits to these heights.

HTC have continued loyal to the brand One, but have not been in only one device. The HTC One M9 was announced last march, and users were not very happy with him –maybe because it is an exercise of effectively business as usual, which looked too much like the previous models–. HTC improved the camera, but continued to receive negative reviews in general.

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HTC One A9 en negro

HTC continues to have a poblema basic: have good terminals and enough market presence to have great results and be at the head of the industry, but are unable to connect with your audience. They need a better marketing strategy without any doubt, but it’s worth noting that that, too, is working for Samsung, who have seen a decline in its sales in 2014 and 2015.

unlike other manufacturers such as Sony, Samsung and LG, the business model of HTC revolve around mobile products. Many manufacturers are not making profits in the divisions mobile, their companies, and that is doing much harm to the taiwanese company.

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